Easter Egg Treasure Hunt by SAMI

Below are some clues for an Easter Egg treasure hunt tailored to the maths syllabus for GCSE and A-level. There is an extra one for non mathematicians and two for younger children.

Year 10Solutions

Year 11Solutions

Year 12Solutions

Year 13Solutions


Younger treasure hunt 1Solutions

Younger treasure hunt 2Solutions

Each treasure hunt has 6 clues. The solutions are all items or places within the household, e.g. sink, chair etc.

Option 1:
Hide (small) Easter eggs in each of the 6 places and give your child the six clues

Option 2:
Hide one Easter egg in the location of the last clue. Hide clue 2 in the location of the answer to clue 1, hide clue 3 in the location of the answer to clue 2 etc. Give your child clue 1 to get started.

Please email Mrs Fleming on [email protected] if you have any questions … Happy Easter everyone.